Why Condo Owners should know their Condo Board

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Recently stories have emerged in the news media concerning the hijacking of Condominium Boards.   Non-resident Directors then proceed to convince the board to enter into contracts with third party suppliers. These contracts may be of greater benefit to the Director than the Condominium. Know your Condo Board

I have been asked what steps can be taken to protect Condominiums from this kind of attack. Unfortunately there is no legal requirement that a Director be a resident or owner of a unit. Hopefully, the government will consider this issue in the upcoming revisions to the Condominium Act.

Who is on your Your Condo Board?

Condominiums are managed by voluntary Directors. Sometimes, if the owners don’t take sufficient interest in the operation of the Condo, bad things can happen.

The only real solution is for each and every owner to get involved with and take an interest in the operation of their Condo. They need to attend Annual Owners meetings and know who is running for the Board and satisfy themselves that the candidate standing for election is an owner and has a legitimate interest in the property. Better yet get involved with the board directly by standing for election.

We will discuss this issue more in another blog post soon.